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Safety matches manufactured by us, are of the standard type with cardboard boxes and wooden splints. Each safety match box contains 40 to 45 splints. Customers details and logo can be printed on a variety of brands.

Regular Matches Pakistan
Regular Matches Pakistan
• Cardboard Box, 40±2 wooden splints in a matchbox, printing on both sides.
• Size: 51mmx14mmx35mm
• Colour of Splints : as per buyers choice
• Packing 10 match boxes in paper or poly wrap. 100 in paper or poly wrap.
• Packing style : 10x10x10 1000 in a Carton
  Ten's Pack
Ten's Pack
Ten's Pack
  Hundreds Pack Thousands Master Carton
Shipment :
• 10x10x10 = 1000 in master carton
• 1000 cartons in a 20 FCL (by sea)
• 2350 cartons in 40 FCL (by sea)
Safety Matches
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